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  1. Bandcamp Weekly 2020 essentials with Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Nubya Garcia, Liv.e, and Lady Blackbird. Best of 2020: The Year's Essential Releases List The Best Video Game Music of 2020 List Fans have paid artists $647 million using Bandcamp, and $21.9 million in the last 30 days alone. Fans have paid artists $647 million using Bandcamp, and $21.9 million in the last 30 days.
  2. Bandcamp Weekly November 5, 2013. A special edition of the BC Weekly focused entirely on video game music. Game soundtracks have sold nearly a quarter million units on the site, pulling in just shy of $1.5 million dollars. Austin Wintory, Jim Guthrie, Disasterpeace, Danny Baranowsky, Big Giant Circles, and Laura Shigihara provide insight and tunes. Hosted by Andrew Jervis. Illustration of.
  3. Discover amazing music and directly support the artists who make it
  4. An extra special super-sized isolation inspiration episode with guests Ricardo Richaid, Mr. Scruff, and Sam Gendel
  5. Acclaimed UK producer Marc Mac guests, plus new tunes by Y Bayani and Kokoroko, and an LP of the week by Ronald Langestraat

Guests include Via Tania, who talks about her new LP with the Tomorrow Music Orchestra, and the sci-fi influenced Hairy Hands. Our album of the week is Romare's Projections, and we sample fresh selections from Cuba by Daymé Arocena, plus Moderator, Prefuse 73, Bouquet, and Har-Di-Har Bandcamp Weekly October 15, 2013. In a 26-track packed show we sneak a peak at Da Lata's welcome Afro-Brazilian return, and play new tunes by Knxwledge, Ta-Ku, Zo, Black Milk, and Perera Elsewhere. Album of the week is by Son of Stan. We air an oldie from Robert Wyatt, indie rock from Palehound, and abstract soul by Jitwam and Hot Sugar

Bandcamp Daily is your guide to the artists, fans and labels on Bandcamp Postulez au Bandcamp Weekly Show Bandcamp collabore avec Andrew Jarvis, qui poste chaque quinzaine un mix des meilleures nouveautés sélectionnées par ses soins. On vous conseille d'écouter ce qu'il propose pour voir si votre style de musique a une chance d'être retenu, et de lui envoyer un morceau Our guide to each week's crucial LPs. 1 to 30 of 157 SEVEN ESSENTIAL RELEASES · November 13, 202

The verse that best summarizes Shrines comes not from founders Billy Woods and ELUCID, but guest Nosaj: I can't stop, y'all made me this way/ I'm too far gone to turn back now.Where 2018's Paraffin—which has just been released in a deluxe 2xLP edition—hung out in the pitch-black alleyways of late-stage capitalism, Shrines pushes through to find out what's left on the other. Weekly Treats. Brighton, UK. Brought to you by: Andrew Kilpatrick & Alex Kelly Art by Alex Kelly & Love Through Cannibalis New music on the Bandcamp Weekly includes smokin' singles from Tensei and the One, Jagan Mai, and Silver Firs. Peruvian future roots crew Novalima feature with DJs Nickodemus and Jeremy Sole in the..

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  1. 18 track albu
  2. Bandcamp, Oakland, California. 320,764 likes · 896 talking about this. Bandcamp is a publishing platform for musicians
  3. The latest Bandcamp Weekly features fresh joints by Matthew Herbert, Moses Sumney, and a trio of tasty tunes from Australia by Wabz, I'lls, and Flume. Our very special guest is DJ Shadow, who talks..
  4. Weekly CDR for Music Junx from Music Junx Weekly CDR Ver.17.7.15, released 15 July 2017 1. Yajirushi Breaks 2. Monotron Solo 3. En
  5. In the new Bandcamp Weekly Andrew gets into the latest by Londoners Tenderlonious and Dennis Tyler, Tel Aviv's Buttering Trio, Texas-based Zach Witness, Sabrina Malheiros out of Rio, and Philly MC..

The Bandcamp Weekly kicks off 2017 with a packed show featuring brand new music from London's Little Simz, Austrian duo Tosca, New Zealander Lord Echo, and prolific MC Oddisee. Robert Raths talks.. In the latest Bandcamp Weekly we globe trot with our guests the raucous Hong Kong-based trio Blood Wine or Honey and bugged-out Indian-born beat maker, singer, and musician Jitwam. Plus there's a.. BEST OF 2020 Best of 2020: Connecting the Dots By Bandcamp Daily Staff · December 14, 2020 Drastic shifts mean new maps. Because so many of us were relatively isolated this year (or had our normal patterns of daily life disrupted in other ways, if we had to work outside the home), we've all been looking for connection where we can find it Weekly by EXPFAM, released 11 May 201

You can listen to a guide to the label's catalog on this week's Bandcamp Weekly. Electronic. Read more in Electronic → NOW PLAYING PAUSED. by . Top Stories. HIDDEN GEMS · January 04, 2021 How Leila's Like Weather Shaped the Sound of Futuristic R&B to Come. LISTS · January 04, 2021 A Guide to the Discography of Ismael Rivera, Salsa's Most Fearless Singer. FEATURES · January. The Weekly Noodle Basically, what happens is, I bring a small recording device over to my friends' houses and we play songs on acoustic guitars and record them. Sometimes I play too. It's all pretty fun. You will hear original songs, sometimes quite old, new songs just being tried out, interesting combinations of friends playing together, and cover songs that are our guilty pleasures and. Laetitia Sadier invitée du Bandcamp Weekly. par Benoit · 1 avril 2017. La rendez-vous incontournable des fans de musique sur bandcamp recevait cette semaine Laetitia Sadier. Chaque semaine, Andrew Jervis de bandcamp nous propose de faire le tour de l'actualité musicale, à la découverte des albums sortis et à venir dans une émission d'une heure trente qui couve à peu près tous les. Navy Blue Song of Sage: Post Panic!, released 22 December 2020 1. Dreams of a Distant Journey 2. Tired 3. Post Panic! 4. Memory Lane 5. Certainty (feat. Maxo) 6. Poderoso (feat. billy woods) 7. Deep Water Blue 8. Self Harm 9. 1491 10. Breathe (feat. yasiin bey) 11. Sea Bass 12. Aunt Gerry's Fried Chicken 13. Back to Basics 14. Pressure Points 15

Peace Network by US Weekly, released 14 August 2020 1. CRYING IN THE SHOWER 2. PROFOUND SADNESS 3. MUSIC AND LYRICS 4. SKINNY 5. LOSE MY SHIT 6. ENGINEER 7. GOOD 8. PEACE NETWORK All proceeds will be donated to Mutual Aid Collective ATX. Pay what you want featured on Bandcamp Weekly Jun 10, 2014. go to album. Lero-Lero by Luísa Maita. featured on Bandcamp Weekly Sep 20, 2016. go to album. Going Home by Carlos Niño & Friends. The fifth album of Carlos Niño's & Friends series, a definitive six-song odyssey about death and transition. Bandcamp New & Notable Sep 26, 2017. go to album. Palm Psalms: A Light to Resolve All Darkness by Low.

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6 oct. 2014 - Cette épingle a été découverte par Joseph Bianculli. Découvrez vos propres épingles sur Pinterest et enregistrez-les The Weekly Planet Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker Commentary, released 10 August 202 Bandcamp Weekly Illustrations. 926 . 15.1k . 33 . Published: May 27th 2019. HSIAO-RON CHENG. Follow Following Unfollow — Selected Portraits V. HSIAO-RON CHENG. 619 5.6k. Cinéma du Parc: Portraits. Multiple Owners . 713 5.6k — Cœur de Pirate Roses HSIAO-RON CHENG . 2k 13.7k — Selected Portraits IV. Cutlass by Tornado Weekly, released 03 April 202

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  1. 9 track albu
  2. Liskka by Liskka, released 19 August 2015 1. Cold 2. Night Terrors 3. As It Goes (I Give) 4. Ghost In The Machine 5. Far From U
  3. SnakeTown Records Label / Management / Recordings / Production. London! Aeroplane Flies High - 'Honey' EP, released 01 August 2014 1. Aeroplane Flies High - Honey 2. Aeroplane Flies HIgh - Only You 3. Aeroplane Flies High - Pieces 4. Aeroplane Flies High - Growin
  4. Reels Dois, released 18 February 2013 1. Introduction 2. Na Cadência Bonita 3. The Interview 4. Baixa 5. A Nest For Wolves 6. Afro-Brasileiro 7. Get Up, Kids 8. Expresso 2222 9. Rio Gente 10. Recot 11. Mãe Dizer 12. I'm Your Master 13. Miracle Broadcast 14. Rendeira Do Set
  5. Banaan Surf or Die, released 17 September 2013 1. Flipper 2. Hawk 3. Lava (Will Tear Us Apart) 4. Shiny 5. Information Overlor
  6. Harper's Weekly Morning Comes, released 04 January 2019 1. Take Me Back 2. Rosie 3. Go With Me 4. Morning Comes 5. Where I Wanna Be 6. Find Out 7. Lost and Free 8. Oh My 9. Walk In The Rain 10. I Was Lost Harper's Weekly, with the subtitle »A Journal of Civilization«, was a political magazine based in New York City. Published by Harper & Brothers from 1857 until 1916

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5 track albu Ira Marlowe Ira Marlowe's songs have appeared in indy films, been featured on NPR and Dr. Demento, and received a Parent's Choice Award. He's taught songwriting at UC Berkeley and penned the tunes for four shows by a Tony-winning theatre troupe. Songs-of-the-Week, released 19 February 2016 1. Hello, Cruel World 2. Baby's In Bed (with a bottle and book and a jones) 3 Wally Rios The Uncanny Wally, released 18 January 2019 1. Circuit Drifter 2. Boppers 3. Coastal 4. Dream at High Volumes 5. More Games 6. Air Bender 7. Reverse Polarity 8. Spring Ride 9. Steering Wheel 10. Wave Catcher 11. Looper Chill electronic vibe

Logan Richardson Logan Richardson, is a native son of Kansas City, Missouri born, and raised (b1980), Logan Richardson is considered by top critics as a breath of fresh air for the future of music. A young star pushing the boundaries of modern improvised music, carrying the torch of vitality for improvised music as a premier alto saxophonist, composer, producer, and educator 42 by Weekly CDR, released 22 November 201 Uiokk by Weekly CDR, released 17 May 201 Playlist Created with https://www.tunemymusic.com?source=plcreated that lets you transfer your playlist to YouTube from any music platform such as Spotify, D..

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  1. Mutate Experimental | Electronic - Artist from South Africa aka Damage Inc/Pziezzo Electric Dub Republiek, released 19 June 201
  2. US Weekly S/T by US Weekly, released 05 May 2017 1. No Attitude 2. A/C 3. American Piss 4. New Obsessions 5. Creative Class 6. US Weekly F.C. 7. Outside, Relaxing 8. Women 9. Cowboy 10. Ad Experience 11. Percoce
  3. Bombon EL TIBURON by All Day Ray x Jean Sean, released 02 October 202
  4. In a brand new BC Weekly we get into new tunes by Detroit soul don Amp Fiddler, the tropical dub style of Claude Fontaine, the angular off-kilter FET.NAT from Quebec, London jazz crew Ruby Rushton,..
  5. featured on Bandcamp Radio Dec 18, 2020. go to album. Bandcamp Daily your guide to the world of Bandcamp. Essential Releases: New York Funk, Anarcho Punk, Synthwave and More. Essential Releases: Frog-Inspired Metal, Cosmic Synth Music, Hip-Hop and More. Essential Releases: Horrorcore, Free Jazz, Spanish Indie and More . On Bandcamp Radio. 2020 essentials with Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed.
  6. Bandcamp Weekly - Lockdown Loves. bandcamp.com. December 22, 2020 at 8:48 AM · Public. 6 Comments · Full Story. Bandcamp. Denise Chaila joins the show from Ireland to discuss her latest release, Go Bravely, and the importance of owning your own narrative. Also highlights from... More. The Hip-Hop Show - Ri Ra Rita . bandcamp.com. December 18, 2020 at 11:42 AM · Public. Full Story.

maria bc contact: mariabcmusic (at) gmail (dot) com Devil's Rain, released 26 June 2020 1. Devil's Rain 2. The One I'll Ask 3. Unmaker 4. Adelaide 5. The Dea Weekly Routine by Motron, released 06 October 2015 it's monday morning again the alarm makes me wanna be dead the headache is driving me mad I can't get myself out of bed hangover again, my weekly routine party all night long is all I need my weekly routine, hangover again can't wait to get more booze in my veins I don't remember so much my brain hurts, I'm still so fucked up. Bed Unbound by Rachel Smith, released 10 June 2020 1. Bed Unbound Intro 2. Space and Sky 3. Spine Meander 4. Hand Walk 5. For Days 6. Finding Comfor Julian Airline More info: https://julianrivierre.codesumo.net/julian-airline/ Vol 715, released 03 September 202 featured on Bandcamp Weekly Aug 11, 2020. go to album. Ruffy Makes A Tune Volume 1 - OST by Ruf Dug. Four tracks written during Ruf Dug's weekly Twitch livestream range from gentle ambient to pulsing lo-fi house. Bandcamp New & Notable Aug 10, 2020. go to album. XLR8R+019 (Visionquest: Shaun Reeves, Ryan Crosson, Lee Curtiss, and Seth Troxler) by XLR8R+ XLR8R+'s subscription service gives.

Lb Sand Doper e.p., released 28 March 2011 1. Coercion 2. Focused Relaxation 3. Cold Thing Knowing 4. Doper feat. Mista Mista Moody and Bass Heav End by Weekly CDR, released 15 July 201

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Portway Portway, released 22 November 2014 1. Beacon Boulevard 2. Underpass 3. Bottled Forres Anisocoma by Everybody's Weekly, released 05 December 201 Dream Child by Omari Jazz, released 05 June 2020 1. Cadence! 2. Little Web ft. Dolphin Midwives & B 3. Dream Child 4. Ur Worth 5. GodBodyCharge 6. Kindling 7. Atlas 8. Melanated 9. Our Taproot 10. River 11. Prana 12. Dream Matter 13. Aware ft. jjjr *****ALL the funds received for this project will be distributed between the least funded relief efforts found on this hyperlink https.

featured on Bandcamp Weekly Jul 21, 2020. go to album. Wicked City by Jockstrap. featured on Bandcamp Weekly May 12, 2020. go to album. Infinity by Oscar & The Wolf. Smooth electro-pop that delves into the interior life of its maker. Bandcamp New & Notable Jun 30, 2017. go to album. Take Her Up To Monto by Róisín Murphy . featured on Bandcamp Weekly Jul 5, 2016. go to album. Kinesphere by. Ticking Over by Alex Aldred, released 22 May 2019 Ticking Over i have a habit of finding projectiles round the side of the house - splinters of glass where no bottle ever smashed; plastic scraps spotting my allotment like a rash; and, once, a golf ball from the range across the way, buried in unmown grass. i worry that i'm the target of some far-off assassin's mistimed blasts; or that.

Force Majeure by Dezron Douglas & Brandee Younger, released 04 December 2020 1. Coffee (intro) 2. Gospel Trane 3. Equinox 4. The Creator Has A Master Plan 5. Sing 6. You Make Me Feel Brand New 7. We'll Be Right Black 8. Never Can Say Goodbye 9. This Woman's Work 10. Nothing Stupid 11. Inshallah 12. Wise One 13. Force Majeure 14 Spectre by Kursiva, released 19 March 2020 1. Spectre ft. Aryma (Original Mix

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LE COEUR DE L'AUTRE [Ep #3] by Fred Alera, released 30 March 2020 1. L'or et l'argent 2. Le cœur de l'autre Fred Alera écrit des chansons désabusées sur les illusions perdues, l'amour, le désamour ou encore la solitude. Il ne cherche donc pas le succès. Un peu quand même. Mais Fred a besoin d'argent car il est seulement musicien Christian Ideas by US Weekly, released 08 March 201

featured on Bandcamp Weekly Sep 15, 2020. go to album. Bass Tone Paintings by The Growth Eternal. featured on Bandcamp Weekly Sep 15, 2020. go to album. Odyssey by Kaleida. featured on Bandcamp Weekly Sep 15, 2020. go to album. Once by Peggy Gou. supported by 8 fans who also own Romancecar E.P. Love this E.Pbought it for the first tune originally, now riding to work to all three now. featured on Bandcamp Weekly Feb 18, 2020. go to album. The Vernon Spring by The Vernon Spring. The London-based composer—also of the alt-soul trio Hejira—shows his piano prowess on this elegant, immensely-calming solo EP. Bandcamp New & Notable Feb 12, 2020. go to album. S.U.F.O.S. by Wu-Lu . The London hip-hop producer and multi-instrumentalist's latest EP explores themes of family.

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featured on Bandcamp Weekly Sep 1, 2020. go to album. Warm Nights by Reuben Vaun Smith. Smooth Balearic house from the Soundway label that combines fat synth sounds with fizzy tropical percussion. Bandcamp New & Notable Aug 29, 2020. go to album. Bichos by Raúl Monsalve y los Forajidos. featured on Bandcamp Weekly Aug 25, 2020. go to album. La Locura de Machuca 1975-1980 by Various. featured. Does anybody know the songs Andrew Jervis uses for the new Bandcamp Weekly intro? Specifically :08-:17 Thanks! Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log In Sign Up. User account menu. 2. Bandcamp Weekly Intro Songs. Close. 2. Posted by 3 years ago. Archived . Bandcamp Weekly Intro Songs. Does anybody know the songs Andrew Jervis uses for. featured on Bandcamp Weekly Mar 10, 2020. go to album. Turning Witch EP by Mombi. featured on Bandcamp Weekly May 20, 2014. go to album. Touch & Fuse by Christian Kleine. featured on Bandcamp Weekly Oct 6, 2020. go to album. Bandcamp Daily your guide to the world of Bandcamp. Essential Releases: Luk Thung Hip-Hop, Noise Rock, Bossa Nova, and More . Essential Releases: Indie, Alternative Rap.

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featured on Bandcamp Weekly Nov 12, 2013. go to album. Black Sun Unbound by DENOUNCEMENT PYRE. On Black Sun Unbound, Denouncement Pyre add power metal theatrics to black metal's dead-eyed ruthlessness. Bandcamp Album of the Day Aug 1, 2016. go to album. Nuke by NUKE. The band's debut is full of whiskey-burned growls and maniacal high shrieks, not surprising for a group of Detroit metal vets. Kalimat Mathieu Marie-Eugénie alias Kalimat, est né en Ile-de-France, d'une mère mauricienne et d'un père martiniquais. Cet enfant des îles a donc grandi dans cette diversité qui caractérise aujourd'hui sa citoyenneté archipel. Il s'efforce de cultiver dans sa vie et dans son art un espoir sans faille. Cultivons la paix même dans nos champs de bataille. À LA K'BANE À. Lasasal PRECEDENTS CONCERTS A: Péniche Antipode, 3 Arts, La Bellevilloise, Paris(75) Festival Accroche-coeurs, Angers(49) Les Valseuses, Lannion(22) Résidence & concert aux Graviers (49) Kibélé, Paris(75) La Grange aux Belles, Paris(75) Espace Chateau Landon, Paris(75) avec Talmest Le Hangar, Mézos (40) Le Toy, Herm (40) Jardim de Santa Clara, Lisbonne Feira da Ladra, Lisbonne Thalassaki. Bandcamp has announced four more fee-waiving Fridays will take place in 2021.. The initiative, that was started by the internet music platform in March to help artists earn extra money during the financial crisis of the coronavirus pandemic, saw artists and labels earn $40 million dollars this year, with nearly 800,000 music fans making purchases featured on Bandcamp Weekly Nov 12, 2013. go to album. Drakkar Nowhere by Drakkar Nowhere . Former members of Phenomenal Handclap Band expand on their everything but the kitchen sink approach, adding rich vocals and finely-textured arrangements. Bandcamp Album of the Day Sep 30, 2016. go to album. Freak Mammal by Psychic Lemon. Roaring space rock from this London group, with every.

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Neïkid by Tom Agad, released 17 April 2018 1. La vie va plus vite que moi 2. Sinosí 3. Valse de Rose (chanson pour ma grand-mère) 4. Cyclic song 5. Western moderne 6. Money tango 7. Transmission (chanson pour mon fils) 8. Brilla la razón 9. Je voudrais que tu crèves 10. La sombra de tu corazón (reprise de Georges Brassens) 11. Pause 12 featured on Bandcamp Weekly Aug 6, 2013. go to album. Sink Like A Symphony by Fred Thomas . An indiepop classic from a decade ago, only available on sold-out physical media, is now available again, remastered specially for Bandcamp. Bandcamp New & Notable Nov 30, 2016. go to album. Thunder Follows The Light by mutual benefit. On Thunder Follows the Light, Brooklyn's Mutual Benefit. Manoir by Manoir Molle, released 16 October 2018 1. A1 intro 2. A2 gonflé hurlant 3. A3 medicine woman 4. A4 tétaniser approche 5. A5 météo des coeurs 6. A6 prudence bâton 7. A7 poule sacrifice 8. A8 à voir avec une bonne loupe 9. B1 expérience genou 10. B2 confusing wind 11. B3 comme l'aurore 12. B4 l'avion trop tard 13. B5 trembler larves 14 [Weekly虹釜] 島環オルゴールスプロールスラム by 虹釜太郎, released 15 March 2017 1. 1 2. 2 3. 3 4. 4 5. 5 /////虹釜太郎さんによる解説. featured on Bandcamp Weekly Oct 1, 2019. go to album. Let Me Hold You While You Fail by Magic Hands. featured on Bandcamp Weekly Dec 16, 2014. go to album. AFTERTHOUGHTS [EP] by WE ARE TEMPORARY. Mining the space between darkwave and dream pop, We Are Temp. conjure a goth-like electronic sound. Bandcamp New & Notable Jul 8, 2013. go to album. A Farewell to Reason by Automatic Tasty. Bright and.

Emily VanCamp: Revenge gave her 4 'unbelievable yearsQuasimotoAVbyte - YouTubeSnake Nation | Bobby Boucher & The WaterboysEpisodes and Playlists (2011 - Present) — Communion After DarkJonathan Bree - Laptop - YouTube

Isotropes by Sensaround, released 07 August 2014 1. sense i 2. sense ii 3. sense iii 4. sense iv 5. sense v 6. sense vi The well known Australian jazz innovator Alister Spence and the highly regarded Scottish free improvisor Raymond MacDonald come together with hellosQuare boss Shoeb Ahmad as Sensaround to create a six piece suite titled Isotropes Salute to the Sun by Matthew Halsall, released 20 November 2020 1. Harmony with Nature 2. Joyful Spirits of the Universe 3. Canopy & Stars 4. Mindfulness Meditations 5. Tropical Landscapes 6. Salute to the Sun 7. The Energy of Life Matthew Halsall unveils new band and announces 'Salute to the Sun' his new album on Gondwana Records Composer, trumpeter, producer, DJ and founder of Gondwana. Weekly /r/Bandcamp Genre Discussion/Discovery - Trance. Trance. Please use this thread to post some Trance that you have been listening to and want to share, reposts, discussion and requests are welcome! Click this for some Trance Music --->> Trance ~ Mods at r/Bandcamp. 0 comments. share. save. hide. report. 100% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. This post has. Tape 01A by Westfallian, released 07 January 2019 1. Intro 2. Love Story 3. Ghost 4. Blade 5. Voquarant (BOC inspiration) 6. Sister 7. Rain 8. Outro Gear: MPC 1000 - Sequences/Drums/Samples Akai S2800 - Drums/Synths/Effects Roland JV2080 - Synths/Effects Recorded Live into Audacit Thirst Music Who is Thirst EP, released 22 May 2011 1. Resurrection Day ft. Nfinite, K.Thomas 2. Pain & Struggle ft. Nfinite, K.THOMAS 3. Suffering for Christ ft. B.Haley & Thirst 4. It Aint Easy ft. Nfinite & Thirst 5. Hometown (Remix) 6. Thirst ft. Nfinite - You're the Best 7. We Still In It ft. K.THOMAS, Thirst 8. We got the Victory ft.Nfinite, K.THOMAS 9 The Door To Doom by CANDLEMASS, released 22 February 2019 1. Splendor Demon Majesty 2. Under The Ocean 3. Astorolus - the Great Octopus 4. Bridge Of The Blind 5. Death´s Wheel 6. Black Trinity 7. House Of Doom 8. The Omega Circle Candlemass have come full circle: their first singer Johan Langquist (who left the band after singing on the legendary 1986 debut Epicus Doomicus Metallicus) has.

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