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Le Honduras, en forme longue la république du Honduras, en espagnol República de Honduras, est un pays situé en Amérique centrale, La population se compose de 90 % de métis (Hispaniques et Indigènes), 7 % d'Indigènes purs, 2 % de Noirs (Garifuna), et 1 % de Blancs. L'espérance de vie est de 72,3 ans pour les hommes et de 77 ans pour les femmes. Le taux de mortalité infantile s. In the most recent census by the Honduran government (2014), the population of the island was 109,000 people—four times the number reported in 2001. Evidence of the growth is visible in this pair of images captured by Landsat satellites The coverage of coral reefs in Honduras amounts to at least 1120 km2. The concentration of coral reefs in Honduras is found mostly around the Bay Islands. These ecosystems are highly diverse and productive areas which bring socio-economical benefits to Honduras. Coral reefs constitute one of the most fragile and sensitive organisms which can be impacted by human activities Fifteen bridges were destroyed by Hurricane Eta in Honduras. Roatan's Little Friends Foundation gathered donations to the victims of Hurricane Eta. Bay Islands Petroleum assisted with transporting the items to Puerto Cortes. Honduran government was not only unprepared for the disaster, its delayed calls for evacuating areas at risk of flooding causing confusion and loss of life. While. Horloge de la population du Honduras. 8 737 053. Population actuelle. 4 367 653. Population masculine actuelle (50.0%) 4 369 401. Population féminine actuelle (50.0%) 167 497. Naissances cette année

They have a population of 350,000 inhabitants including population groups settled in San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa. The FETRIXY is also represented in Belize, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. The FETRIXY is also represented in Belize, Guatemala, and Nicaragua Located approximately 35 miles off the North Coast of Honduras, Roatan measures thirty-two miles long and three miles across at the widest point. The exact population of Roatan is unknown but has grown significantly over the past few years; the estimated population today is close to 65,000. All five islands are surrounded by the second largest barrier reef in the world: The Mayan Barrier Reef. Once on Roatan, you can immediately feel the island vibe soothing your soul as the fresh, salt air cleanses away the stress of the mainland life you left behind. But that first breath of sea air is going to cost you. Getting to Roatan is no bargainunless of course you happen to find a great airfare deal somewhere. Normally, a roundtrip.

Roatán. Municipality in Honduras. Contents: Population The population development of Roatán as well as related information and services (Wikipedia, Google, images) Prostitution in Honduras is currently legal, as there is no law prohibiting prostitution.Although similar institutions such as brothel ownership and pimping are illegal in Honduras, prostitution has remained largely unchecked by the government. UNAIDS estimate there to be 22,771 prostitutes in the country.. Lack of enforcement of current laws has created a profitable business out of. Roatan Overview. By contrast, Roatan attracts honeymooners, cruise ships, and tourists looking for an all-inclusive experience. Roatan is more developed than Utila and the choices for food, hotels, bars, and additional activities are much wider. It is the most popular of the Bay Islands at approximately 40 miles long, with many houses.

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  1. Population. The estimated population of Roatán is 50,000+. Currently, only 10% of the island is populated. The remaining 90% is forests and jungle areas. The islanders who have called Roatan home for generations are of African, British, and Indigenous descent. Healthcare. Roatán has two main hospitals, one public and one private. CEMESA Hospital is the primary health provider in the Bay.
  2. The population development of Anthony's Key Resort as well as related information and services (weather, Wikipedia, Google, images). Name Municipality Population Census 2001-07-28 Population Census 2013-08-10 ; Anthony's Key Resort: Roatán... 226 → Source: Instituto Nacional de Estadística Honduras (web). Explanation: All population figures are adjusted for underenumeration. Further.
  3. Scott Roatan Tours is committed to helping explorers experience our beautiful island of Roatan. Discover & book your next Roatan shore excursion with us! HOME. ABOUT. HISTORY. TOURS. GALLERY. CONTACT US. Blog. More. Morgan Heritage - Beach and Country (Aud. Submit. Main Street, Coxen Hole. Roatan, Honduras. info@scottroatantours.com. GET TO KNOW ROATAN. MAHOGANY BAY . ROATAN TOWN center (COXEN.
  4. The Roatan Island is situated on the Caribbean Sea, between the islandsof Utila and Guanaja, and is the largest and most important of them all. Located about 30-40 miles away from the mainland of Honduras, Roatan Island is ideal for a satisfying stay on this delightful island stunning beaches and nature preserves. Roatan Island is part of th

With Point2, you can easily browse through Roatán, Islas de la Bahía, Honduras single family homes for sale, townhomes, condos and commercial properties, and quickly get a general perspective on the real estate market. Point2 gives you far more than a simple list of houses for sale. Get instant access to loads of relevant information about Roatán, Islas de la Bahía, Honduras real estate. There are no much data for Honduras. We'd like to get more contributors for a better data reliability. Do you live in Honduras? Add data for Honduras. Index; Pollution Index: 79.16: Pollution Exp Scale: 140.69: Pollution in Honduras. Air Pollution: 69.12: High: Drinking Water Pollution and Inaccessibility: 56.73: Moderate : Dissatisfaction with Garbage Disposal: 81.00: Very High: Dirty and.

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Population : 7 500 000 . Superficie : 110 000 km carrés. Monnaie officielle : La lempira. Capitale : Tegucigalpa. Destinations principales : Tegucigalpa. San Pedro Sula. La Ceiba. L'île Roatán . Copán. Baie de Tela Information sur le Honduras. Le Honduras partage sa frontière avec le Guatemala à l'ouest, le Salvador au sud-ouest et le Nicaragua au sud-est, et son littoral baigne dans. Honduras requires proof of Yellow Fever immunization if coming from another country endemic with Yellow Fever. Honduras lacks the infrastructure to maintain water purity and food safety. Diarrheal illness is very common even in large cities and luxury accommodations. Only sealed commercial water containers (bottles) are considered safe to drink. Air pollution can aggravate or lead to. A population boom began with an influx of Spanish-speaking Mestizo migrants from the Honduran mainland. Since the late 20th century, they tripled the previous resident population. Mestizo migrants settled primarily in the urban areas of Coxen Hole and Barrio Los Fuertes (near French Harbour). Even the mainlander influx was dwarfed in number and economic effects by the overwhelming tourist.

Île de Roatan: Accueil; Histoire; Tourisme; Géographie ; Culture; Géographie du Honduras. Entouré par la mer des Caraïbes, le Guatemala, le Nicaragua, le Salvador et l'océan Pacifique, le Honduras occupe une superficie de 112 090 km2. Le Honduras dispose de 820 km de côtes. Le Cerro Las Minas, haut de 2870 m, est le point culminant. Parmi les ressources naturelles, on trouve l'or, l. Roatan is the largest with a length of about 60 kilometres Islas de la Bahía, is the department with the smallest population in the Republic of Honduras, 25,182 are women and 23,976 are men. The population density is 208 inhabitants per km² with the highest concentrations in Roatán and Utila. At this rate, it is projected that the population of the Bay Islands would have approximately. Longue et étroite, elle fait plus de 40 km sur à peine 2 à 4 km, et sa population est d'environ 20 000 âmes. Elle offre en outre certaines des plus belles plages des îles. Survol/Attraits. Roatán, la plus grande des Islas de la Bahía, présente également la plus grande variété d'attraits. La ville de Coxen Hole, sur la côte méridionale de l'île en direction ouest, est l'e

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C'est la plus grande ville de Roatan et la capitale des « Islas de la Bahia » (département du Honduras). La population de Coxen Hole est de 5,070 habitants (2001). Il y a un aéroport international Juan Manuel Gálvez, un port pour les bateaux en provenance de la Ceiba mais aussi pour les gros navires de croisière, un stade, un hopital, restaurants, magasins, etc. Veuillez noter que les. Roatan Honduras The island of Roatan and the Bay Islands are part of Honduras, a republic in Central America with a population of 10 million people and an area of 112,492 km2. The country is bordered by El Salvador to the southwest, by Guatemala to the east, and by Nicaragua to the southeast

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Population : 50 000 (2008) Plongée en mer de Honduras Découverte de poissons et de coraux . Avec ses eaux transparentes, Roatán attire les passionnés de snorkeling et de plongée sous marine qui pourront côtoyer les dauphins, les mérous, les pieuvres, les requins, les poissons volants, les marlins et de nombreuses autres espèces marines. My brother Raies Manta Poissons de Roatan. Most stay on the western half where majority of the population live and tourists vacation. It is prohibited to build a building higher than 3 stories. There are no high rise buildings on Roatan. You may come home to find your house has been invaded by thousands of ants, but don't panic. These insects covering your ceiling are known as house cleaning ants which will sweep through your home. The Próspera ZEDE was legally established on December 29, 2017, as a public-private partnership with a renewable 50-year term. In doing so, the government of Honduras allowed Honduras Próspera LLC, incorporated in Delaware, to promote and organize the 60-acre parcel of land that it acquired on Roatán

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  1. These islands are located off the northern cost of Honduras. There are three large islands comprising the Bay Islands. The second largest of these is Guanaja. And Guanaja has a smaller cay, which is also called Guanaja, or Bonacca, or Low Cay. Locals simply refer to it as the cay. Bonacca is close to the main island and it is home to some 10,000 people, a large part of the total residences.
  2. You don't meet such a friendly and diverse population everywhere and these people try very hard to accommodate visitors. So, what not to do on Roatan? There are the very easy things: Don't forget your bug repellant. There are some nice natural ones for sale in the stores and they need the business. Don't be rude. The residents and business owners clearly care for their island home and they.
  3. La population de Roatán est composée de personnes de couleur et est de descendance mixte anglaise et métissée avec un petit nombre de personnes d'origine autochtone. La langue officielle est l'espagnol, mais la plupart de la population est multilingue et parle une variété de langue anglaise des Caraïbes, qu'on appelle créole. Coxen Hole est la plus grande ville de l'île. La v
  4. Roatan Honduras Economy Report. Honduras has a large United States business presence in Standard Fruits, Dole Industries, huge lumber concerns, textile clothing as well as substantial U. S. aid and military presence. New Orleans has become a major import export city dealing with Honduras. Because of the good relationship with the United States government, Honduras has proven good stability.
  5. The move gave freemen Roatan and Helene as homes while also alleviating the overpopulation concern in the Caymans. Furthermore, now that the Bay Islands were more populated, the British believed that this would hold back efforts from the mainland of Honduras to claim ownership of the Bay Island territory

City of Coxen Hole, Island of Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras, Central America Coxen Hole, is the largest city on the island of Roatán, and the capital of the Bay Islands department of Honduras, with a population of 5,070 as of census 2001. It is also the location of the island's Juan Manuel Gálvez International Airport. The city was founded in 1835 when several families moved to Roatán from. Honduras. Accueil / Contenus / Amérique centrale / Honduras - Roatán, Islas de La Bahía / Honduras. Population: environ 6 823 000 Capitale: Tegucigalpa Superficie: 112 088 km2 Langue: espagnol Religion: catholique Monnaie: lempira Régime politique: république unitaire. Honduras is only two hours from the United States by air, and four international airports make it easy to schedule travel. Roatán boasts its own international airport on the island, with direct flights coming from Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, Miami, Toronto, and Montréal throughout the year. Deep-water ports on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the mainland make the movement of goods.

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  1. Honduras en chiffres : capitale, population, superficie, langue, chef d'État, sites inscrits à l'Unesco, secteurs de l'économie
  2. With the Roatan Airport reopening for international travelers, Honduras has implemented new immigration procedures to ensure the effectiveness of airport biosecurity protocols to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please read the official release here.. Immigration Pre-Check. One of the prerequisites for entering the country is to complete the online Immigration Pre-check Form found here.
  3. A bit of background. Honduras is the second poorest country in Central America. More than half the population lives in poverty. Roatan is the largest of the Bay Islands with a population of ~ 90,000. Unemployment is about 50% and most locals have an education less than the 6th grade. The population is a mixture of Islanders (African.
  4. g nearby neighbors such as Utila, Belize and Florida. Diving in Roatan is also comparatively cheap when considering other locations such as the diving in the Cayman Islands or Bonaire. Roatan is also.
  5. Roatan Tourism: Tripadvisor has 129,458 reviews of Roatan Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Roatan resource
  6. Honduras crime rate & statistics for 2017 was 41.70, a 26.19% decline from 2016. Honduras crime rate & statistics for 2016 was 56.50, a 1.74% decline from 2015. Honduras crime rate & statistics for 2015 was 57.50, a 14.05% decline from 2014. Honduras crime rate & statistics for 2014 was 66.90, a 9.96% decline from 2013
  7. West End, at the western tip of Roatan, turned out to be a quaint, touristy town with a laid-back vibe and a diverse population. As part of Honduras, Spanish is the official language, but the.
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Au Honduras, les citoyens autochtones représentent 7 % de la population, mais leur taux d'alphabétisation varie entre 0 % et 28 %, ce qui paraît nettement en dessous de la moyenne nationale. Or, l'analphabétisme entraîne la honte de la langue maternelle, ce qui entraîne généralement le rejet de sa langue. Par ailleurs, les langues autochtones n'étant pas normalisées, nombreux sont. Private charter boats are also available from Roatan. The Language. Since the island was originally part of a British colony, the predominant language is English. However, as of late there is a large influence of Spanish and other European cultures. Population. Per the 2015 census, the population was just above 4,000. Even though it's a small. Expat Exchange: 5 Important Tips about Healthcare for Expats in Honduras Health care in Honduras is an especially important topic for expatriates living there. It is critical to carefully consider the area you move to and what that choice will mean for your individual health. International health insurance is a must Roatan. Région Islas de la Bahia. Pays Honduras. Population 7.515. Latitude: 16.299999. Longitude: -86.550003 × Taoticket S.r.l., Responsable du traitement conformément aux lois italiennes (ART. 13 Décret législatif du 30/06/2003, n° 196) et à celles de l'UE, s'engage de manière claire et transparente à protéger la vie privée des utilisateurs et se déclare responsable de la. Population 9,183,000. Capitale Tegucigalpa. Monnaie Lempira (HNL) Langue(s) Espagnol, plusieurs langues locales. Durant votre séjour Une fois sur place, demeurez prudent car vous pourriez être exposé à d'autres maladies. En effet, on signale la présence dans le pays de certaines maladies pouvant présenter un risque pour votre santé! Ce risque est lié aux activités que vous choisirez.

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Les Espagnols découvrent Roatán en 1502 et de 1639 à 1648, ils expulsent les populations indigènes qui vivaient dans l'île depuis le VIIe siècle. Au milieu du XVIIIe siècle, les Anglais s. With the discovery of Roatan Honduras the 20th century saw a significant influx of new cultures on Roatan. European and Commonwealth expatriates steadily populated the west end of the island, laying the foundations for our present tourist industry. Spanish-speaking mainlanders have tripled the original resident population, settling near the commercial hubs of Coxen Hole and French Harbor. The. Avec moins d'un million de touristes chaque année (865 000 en 2018), le Honduras est un des pays les moins visités de la région. Et encore s'agit‑il pour une immense majorité des voyageurs de se rendre uniquement au site maya de Copan tout proche de la frontière guatémaltèque, ou de faire un séjour balnéaire sur les Islas de la Bahia, celle de Roatan en tête Population: 8 746 673; Hymne National: Tu bandera es un lampo de cielo; Monnaie: Lempira (HNL) Fête nationale: 15 septembre; Pays frontaliers: Nicaragua, Salvador, Guatemala; A voir aussi au Honduras. Découvrir le site maya de Copan au Honduras. 28 août, 2018. Vous partez au Honduras, ne manquez pas le site maya de Copan ! Le site archéologique est situé en pleine jungle et figure au.

Roatan est une île encore méconnue, la mer et les récifs y sont encore intacts et jouissent d'une population sous marine très variée. La barrière de corail de Roatan est l'une des plus intéressante de la region, elle fait partie de la grande barrière de corail la plus vaste du monde ROATAN 28 MW LPG POWER PLANT WLPGA member Wärtsilä has closely cooperated with Roatan Electric Company to deliver a modern, low-emissions LPG-fired power plant to the island of Roatan, Honduras. This plant has prepared the Roatan hybrid power system for the future large-scale integration of renewable sourced energy generation. This Exceptional Energy case study looks at the story behind the. Le Honduras (nom courant), ou République du Honduras (nom officiel), est un pays d'Amérique centrale et d'Amérique latine dont la capitale est Tegucigalpa.La langue officielle est l'espagnol.Son président actuel est Juan Orlando Hernández.. Environ 90% de la population est d'origine métis, 9 % amérindienne, 1 % d'origine européenne 1.. Les deux religions dominantes sont le catholicisme.

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Le Honduras est un pays d'Amérique centrale, frontalier du Guatemala au nord-ouest, du Salvador au sud-ouest et du Nicaragua au sud-est Population (2015) • Total Scattered on the north coast of Honduras and in the Bay Islands, the Garifuna still populate much of the Bay Islands, maintaining their own cultural identity and language. On Roatan the Garifuna maintain a strong presence in the Sandy Bay community, on the westernmost side of East Harbor, a number of them having made the journey to Utila from Cayo Chachahuate, a. Nom de pays Honduras Code pays selon la norme ISO (ISO-3166

Tout sur Roatán - les curiosités, l'histoire, l'architecture et les endroits intéressants sont sur notre portail OrangeSmile.com. Préparez-vous pour le repos à Roatán, Honduras avec nous - ce qu'il faut regarder et visiter et lesquelles excursions vous pouvez prendre à Rome There is a large population of Tarpon in the brackish water of the mangrove lagoons in Honduras. Its peak season is between October and January. Upachaya Eco-Lodge. Premier Eco-Adventure Lodge, Roatan, Honduras. Contact. Man O'War Harbor, Roatan, Honduras; 011-504-9768-5136; upachaya.roatan@gmail.com; Our Partners. www.flyfishroatan.com; www.yellowdogflyfishing.com; www.flywatertravel.com. Roatan, the largest of the Bay Islands of Honduras, is noted for its pristine coral reefs, beautiful beaches, lush tropical foliage, and friendly people. Christopher Columbus discovered the islands in 1502 while on his fourth voyage and over the years it has been controlled by both the British and Spanish, as well as pirates and traders. The first permanent population of Roatan originated from.

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  1. A Zika virus disease outbreak occurred in Roatán, Honduras, during September 2015-July 2016. Blood samples and clinical information were obtained from 183 patients given a clinical diagnosis of suspected dengue virus infection. A total of 79 patients were positive for Zika virus, 13 for chikungunya virus, and 6 for dengue virus
  2. Palmetto Bay Resort is the only community of it's kind on Roatan, and certainly a commodity world-wide. Surrounded by a protected nature preserve provides so many varieties of wild life that live peacefully in the resort, for example the three varieties of flocks of parrots. Our reefs are not traveled by the general tourist population and is marine park protected, which means we have some of.
  3. May 11, 2020 - Pictures of Honduras and Roatan. See more ideas about Roatan, Honduras, Honduras travel
  4. Quelle heure est-il à Coxen Hole? Honduras (Roatán, Bay Islands): Heure actuelle & Prochain changement dans Coxen Hole, Fuseau horaire America/Tegucigalpa (UTC-6). Population: 7 514 Habitant
  5. g a majority of the island's permanent population. The Bay Islands were briefly declared a colony by the British empire in the 1850's, though the territory was ceded to Honduras in the following decade
  6. Roatan compte environ 50 000 habitants (estimation 2012). Histoire. Une population se trouve déjà sur l'île de Roatán en 600 avant J.C. Le nom de Roatán proviendrait de l'appellation des maisons des indiens Paya, présents sur l'île avant l'arrivée de Christophe Colomb. Christophe Colomb débarque sur l'île en 1502, avant l'arrivée des Espagnols qui établissent une colonie sur l.
  7. Population: Just over 50,000 Average Annual Temp: 80.6°F. Affordability (7 of 10) Real Estate Prediction Meter (7 of 10) Quality of Life (9 of 10) At number four on our top 50 list, and the top island location, is sun-drenched Roatan, Honduras. Originally a British colony that was subsequently ceded to Honduras, Roatan is the largest of the Bay Islands and, by far, the most popular with.
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What Is Honduras - Vital Statistics. Population of about 6.7 million as of mid-2003 and growing at about 2.3 percent/yr. The median age is 18, and the life expectancy at birth is 65 years for boys, 68 years for girls. About 53% of the population is living in poverty; the per capital gross domestic product is $2,600. The top 10 percent of the population receives about 43 percent of the income. Honduras Stats POPULATION: 9,235,340 46% Roman Catholic 41% Protestant 12% Atheist, Other or None. 59,834 CHILDREN SERVED. 220 CHURCHES SERVING. 46 YEARS SERVING HONDURAS. A group of children play together in their neighborhood. Caption. A boy holds a letter from his sponsor. Caption. A group of children play together with a toy bicycle. Caption. Teenage girls perform as a part of the First. The cultural affiliations of the Bay Islanders have been heatedly debated and are still very much contested today, mainly due to a lack of sustained research in the area. It has been suggested that the islanders were Pech, Maya, or Tolupan, bu Roatán ili Coxen Hole kako se donedavno zvao je grad od 13,670 i općina (municipio) od 49,079 stanovnika na sjeveru Hondurasa na istoimenom u otoku u Departmanu Islas de la Bahía u kom je i administrativni centar Roatán Roatán est une île du Honduras, dans la mer des Caraïbes.Elle constitue la plus grande des îles du département des Islas de la Bahía, et mesure environ 60 kilomètres de long pour moins de 8 kilomètres de large dans sa plus grande largeur

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As of 1 January 2016, the population of Honduras was estimated to be 8,136,000 people. Honduras has a total area of 112,090 square kilometers (43,278 square miles). Tegucigalpa commonly referred to as Tegus, is the capital of Honduras. It is a great example of Central American urban sprawl gone amok, spread out across very hilly terrain. Generally mountainous, the country is marked by fertile. Roatán is an island in the Caribbean, about 65 kilometres (40 mi) off the northern coast of Honduras. The majority permanent population of Roatán originated from the Cayman Islands near Jamaica. Les Québécois ont fait le tour des principales destinations soleil comme la Floride, Cuba, la République dominicaine et Riviera Maya. À la recherche de nouveaux horizons, ils commencent à peine à découvrir le Honduras. En décembre, Sunwing a ouvert l'île hondurienne de Roatan en tout inclus aux vacanciers. C'était un pari risqué : la plupart des hôtels de l'île avaient cessé. Roatan's culture and demographics have been upended by the tourist boom as well. Over the past several decades, Roatan's population has exploded from around 25,000 in 2001 to over 60,000 in 2018, according to Honduras's National Institute of Statistics. The island's current population is likely much higher in part because of thousands.

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  1. Roatán is one of the seven islands of the archipelago of the Bay Islands off the northern coast of Honduras, Population: over 60 thousand people Capital: Coxen Hole Other places: Camp Bay, French Harbor, West Bay, West End, Sandy Bay, Oakridge, Punta Gorda Main attractions: beaches, diving, Stone Castle Cameo Factory Institute, Roatan Butterfly Garden, Caves of Helen, Mangrove forest.
  2. From Roatan, the Garifuna people spread to the mainland, including Belize and Guatemala. Honduras also has the largest Palestinian community in Central America. Their ancestors came over from the Ottoman Empire in the late 19th and early 20th century. This community lives around the city of San Pedro Sula, Honduras's commercial hub. There is also a small Chinese population in Honduras.
  3. La population du Honduras est estimée à 8 200 000 habitants. Près de 90% de la population est métissée, c'est-à-dire d'origine à la fois espagnole et amérindienne; le reste des habitants sont des Amérindiens, des Noirs et des Européens. Si les Métis issus des Blancs et des différentes ethnies indigènes (encas, misquitos, tolupanes, chortis, pech ou payas, tawahkas) représnetent.
  4. Le tourisme sur l'île a commencé à se développer tout récemment, avant cela elle a été une grande zone de pêche, la grande partie de la population s'occupait de la production et du traitement des fruits de mer. De nouveaux hôtels ont poussé dans la zone côtière comme des champignons, et on continue la construction, puisque ceux, qui souhaitent se reposer sur les plages.
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Roatan was was a remote dive location until 1991, when Honduras passed a law guaranteeing foreign ownership, Mr. Schlesser said. Today, foreigners still can't buy more than 0.74 acres in. Bay Islands, group of small islands of northern Honduras. The main islands are Utila, Roatán, and Guanaja. They have an area of 101 square miles (261 square km) and lie about 35 miles (56 km) offshore in the Caribbean Sea. The main islands were first sighted by Christopher Columbus in 1502 and wer Hi not sure if you got an answer to this and I don't have exact numbers but the expat population on Roatan is quite large. You could probably get more details through a government agency. Wishing you the best of luck on your endeavor. We have a house on Roatan and are contemplating moving there in a few years. It is a magical place. Good luck

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